It’s The Most Wonderful Time … of the year!

All right, all right … don’t laugh.

But, I love Christmas Time.

I love the feeling (because we’re still coming off Autumn – which is my absolute, favourite time of the year), the aromas, the getting together with people who you haven’t gotten together with in a while – and for La Natura, it means forging an exclusive relationship with Collected Joy for a second year.

If you haven’t been to Collected Joy, it’s one of my favourite shops in the city because it’s all about quality. Whether it’s a tea set, ceramics, art,  cards, or even gourmet food, you’ll find it there.

Our sister company, Nossa Cucina, will also be featured at Collected Joy for a second year.

What I am most excited about, is a new product being featured: Preserved Oranges. They will be featured alongside the Preserved Lemons.

So, you’re probably wondering what you can do with Preserved Lemons? Check this out: What to do with Preserved Lemons. Or check out this recipe for Chicken Tagine with Oranges.

You can make Moroccan-style stews, Roasted Fish or Chicken, or even place a few slices when you are steaming rice.

Giving the gift of food is one of the loveliest things you can do for someone. Good food warms the heart and is appreciated because it revolves around one of most pleasurable human requirements; to enjoy food.

I invite you to visit Collected Joy this Saturday, December 11 between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., as long-time La Natura alum, Abby Sawh will be sharing the La Natura love.

Pass by, say “Hey” to Abby, and to Collected Joy owner, Sharon.

They’ll give you a treat and they’ll make sure you walk out with a gift or two for someone special before you leave.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Holidays –

Wishing you and yours, the very best for a very prosperous 2016.


Vikas on behalf of La Natura Fine Foods

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