Closing in on Christmas – Good Food – Good Times – Good People

Well, it’s been a really nice Holiday season for La Natura Fine Foods.

Not too crazy – just enough to make me feel as if I’m still in the game, making good food, and making people happy. That’s what I love most about La Natura.

So, last Saturday, December 12, the absolutely lovely Abby Sawh made her way down to Collected Joy in the upper beaches to sample some La Natura Love to the throngs of Holiday shoppers. Honestly, it was insane in there.

I think Abby provided a welcomed distraction to the customers.

As it has been for past several years, Nathan’s Hot Mango Salsa was the clear winner in the customers eyes (and wallet).

I’ll remind you all to get out to Collected Joy – say hello to shop owner Sharon Smyl – she’s awesome – and take a look around. If you’re feeling like you want to provide some tasty treats to your friends this Holiday, enjoy their company, with a good drink … then get your ass over to Collected Joy and finish up your Holiday gift and entertaining shopping.

Merry Christmas to all  … and I send you wishes for a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2016.

Over and out –



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