2016 is quickly upon us … but don’t forget about good eating

I cannot believe that we are five weeks into 2016, and I’ve already registered La Natura to take part in our annual jaunt out to Prince Edward County to take part in the Great Canadian Cheese Festival with our sister company, and good friends, Nossa Cucina.

We have such a good time every year … and this year, the Festival takes place on the weekend of June 4 & 5.

I always have such fond memories of the Cheese Festival, but the most precious is the time that I took my stepsons, Eli and Nathan, out to represent their product, Nathan’s Hot Mango Salsa … and they did an absolute bang-up job of selling the hell out of their salsa.

I got an even bigger kick out of watching them swap, haggle, and deal with the other vendors for product at the end of the Festival … it’s an annual tradition, and we love swapping product out with the cheese, gourmet food, and wine vendors.

I like to think that I care about what I eat … I like the absolute best, and I believe that I create food that’s good for you and contributes to your well-being (at least your mental well-being).

So, while I cannot promise that if you go to the Cheese Festival, that you’ll walk away any lighter … I can say that you should take a couple of friends out to Prince Edward County, rent a house (like we do each year) … or a cute little Bed and Breakfast … and enjoy life.

The County has a lot of great little places to stop … grab a bite … and a drink (I particularly like the cider out there). After my last trip, my new favourite for wine was Broken Stone Winery; we were lucky enough to have Candace from the vineyard give us a private tour – and she turned my opinion of Ontario Pinot Noir around … at least a little bit. Seriously – I enjoyed it very much. My other favourite new libation from the County was The Old Third‘s Cider. While I still like the dry Waupoos Cider, The Old Third’s was next level. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of their wine. Oh well, that’s my history with Ontario and its wine.


There are a lot … but my long time fave is East and Main.

But really – my favourite thing is to go back to our house after the day’s events and cook a great dinner with my friends.

What else? I’ve made a few little changes to our site – added some product descriptions and some photos. Hope you liked it!

Okay – signing off for now.

I leave you with thoughts of good food, friends, good drink, family, and a bit of melancholy.



Green Olive and Artichoke Tapenade & Black Olive Tapenade – Freshly made!


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