The Start of Spring in Toronto and Season VI of the Great Canadian Cheese Festival

Happy Spring to my La Natura Fine Foodies!

I know that we are over a month into Spring, technically, but the weather is only finally starting to become amenable to me and my spring-like activities.

My running partner, Nossa Cucina co-founder Enzo Licata, and I just started our outdoor runs two weeks ago.

I’ve cleaned up by bicycle for three seasons of urban transport.

There’s a lot of cooking happening in the La Natura Fine Foods kitchen … and trying out new recipes, for my own selfish, personal consumption, and that of my close friends, of course. The other day, the other Nossa Cucina co-founder, Michael Correia dropped off a big bunch of Tung Choy, which literally means hallow green vegetable. I ended up making a delicious dinner with the Tung Choy along with some grilled tofu, to which I added a North-African-inspired Piri-Piri that one of my work colleagues gave me. It was pretty tasty!

Just thinking about that meal reminded me how lucky I am to be involved in a positive food-sharing culture here in Toronto.

My Portuguese friend, brought me some Chinese greens (which we incidentally love to enjoy at Soi Thai Street Food – which is owned by his brother and sister-in-law) and the Piri-Piri was given to me by my Portuguese colleague, who’s father added a North African twist to it.

This combination of events and cultures probably couldn’t have happened anywhere else in the world so seamlessly.

The other thing that happens in the late Spring, is my involvement with the Great Canadian Cheese Festival in Picton, ON (Prince Edward County).

This is my sixth year as an active participant in the Cheese Festival … and I look forward to seeing the same faces each year. I see that some of my favourite food-business colleagues will be joining as exhibitors along side me: MacKinnon Brother Brewing, Crosswind Farm Cheeses, Chocosol, and a little company called Abokichi – who distribute Okazu (a killer spicy miso condiment) – to name a few!

My brothers from Nossa Cucina, while not selling their own wares this year, will be joining me to support my endeavour at the festival. As usual, we take this opportunity to rent a house in the County, and enjoy all the spoils that it has to offer! We’ll be in Cherry Valley … so, if you look hard enough, you might find us and you can share a drink with us at some point.

Last year, one of our favourite experiences was definitely grabbing a pizza and Pinot Noir at Norman Hardie Estates Winery in Wellington. We’ll be certain to check in there again this year!

As usual, all of this talk about food and drink is making me peckish … I’m off … in search of another great meal and a lovely wine to share with some special friends.

With love,









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