It’s been another great year in Prince Edward County at The Great Canadian Cheese Festival!


What can I say?

La Natura Fine Foods had its best year at the Cheese Fest in PEC since we started coming in 2012.

Major thanks is in order to Carol Papa who helped me serve the masses who arrived in the quest for our delicious sample plates, and of course, the spectacular jars of joy that contain all of that La Natura Love.

Also incredible thanks are in order to Michael Correia for helping to get production completed in time for the Cheese Festival, and assisted in getting us prepared to serve my customers!

We sold out of three of the four products.

Nathan’s Hot Mango Salsa went first. Then our Salsa Verde, and then our Black Olive Tapenade.

We were left with just two cases of Green Olive Tapenade to bring home.

Check out the photos below … you’ll see how much fun we had with our customers!

Our Rock Star Customer, Reid Goodwin, called me a couple of weeks before the Cheese Fest and asked me to make two cases of Salsa Verde just for him!

He asked and he received. We even made a hashtag for Reid #belikereidbuyabox

Our next door neighbours at the event were Wild Bill and Elizabeth from Heavenly Honey. You can catch a glimpse of Wild Bill in a photo that he took with Carol and me!

You can see some more photos from my PEC Adventure at my Instagram page.

In addition to the Cheese Festival, it’s always a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the County.

I stopped off at some of my usual favourites …

County Cider Company – I love their Tortured Path Cider. It’s super dry, just how I like it!

The Old Third – Their cider is my absolute favourite. They have a Pinot, which is quite pricey, but I’d like to see how this ages in five years. So, I picked that up, as well. I have to admit, a couple of years ago when I passed through their place, I wasn’t a fan of the Pinot Noir.

Broken Stone Winery – So, I couple of years ago, I bought a Pinot from my friend Candace, who works at the Vineyard. I opened it a little while ago, and it was delicious. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any available this year. : (

I heard that they’ll have some in the autumn.

And we found a couple of new favourites:

The General – A killer new coffee spot in Wellington. We met one of the owners, Nicholas Worsley. He was really sweet, and he made a killer cup of coffee. You need to get out there. We also picked up some beans for back out our cottage. They also have a lot of cute gifts and such.

Parson’s Brewing Company – I absolutely fell in love with this place! My friends heard about it from one of the shops in Picton, so, we went for a quick jaunt.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Great brew. Great food. Great swag. A great coffee that’s grown by the owner’s father in Guatemala. And a great organization that they are working with in Guatemala to help widows work and create textiles, which are sold at Parson’s Brewing Company.

I met one of the owners, Samantha Parsons, who told me about the brewery and the organization that they work with in Guatemala.

I got a lovely pillow for my couch!

So, that’s the long and short of it.

I feel like we accomplished another amazing season of food, drink, and relaxation in the County.

Looking forward to 2018!

Salud y amor,








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