About Us


In the autumn of 2007, Toronto-bred Foodies “Papa” Joe Lombardi and Vikas (Vik) Sharma started sharing their homemade recipes for what would become La Natura Fine Foods.

Within two months, the products that they conceived were being sampled out of a brand new fine food market near Forest Hill in Toronto. The product sold so well during that Christmas season that they took it to the next level and started shopping the product around to other fine food markets in Toronto.

Word spread quickly, and La Natura became available at such well-known markets as Pusateri Fruit Market  (Church and Wellesley Village), McEwan Foods (Shops of Don Mills), and Mabel’s Bakery and Specialty Foods  (Roncesvalles Village).

La Natura continues to create food that is free from added preservatives, homemade (always made in small batches) and entices the senses to be awakened.

At its peak, La Natura serviced about 20 local gourmet shops in the Toronto region.

Today, with his very busy work schedule, Vikas is only able to serve a couple of local shops with La Natura – and, of course, makes the annual pilgrimage to the Great Canadian Cheese Festival with his sister company, Nossa Cucina (which is run by his good friends Michael Correia and Enzo Licata).

If you are looking for some product, or if you just have general questions, you can always send me a line at: vikassharma@me.com and I’ll take care of you.


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