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IMG_4998 Newest Aug. 2010 black olive tapinade for web

Black Olive Tapenade

Can be served on crackers, bread, with fresh cooked pasta. Pairs well with red wine or a rich lager/pilsner.

This is La Natura’s first product. This black olive tapenade embodies both Greek Kalamata and Italian Ripe olives. Sun-dried tomatoes lend to the tanginess and a nice hit of garlic gives it a good headiness.

Ingredient List: Kalamata Olive, Italian Olive, Oregano, Sun-dried Tomato, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cracked Black Pepper



IMG_4992 Newest Aug. 2010 Green Olive for web




Green Olive Tapenade

Can be served on crackers or bread or even with pasta. Pairs well with red or white wine.

Inspired by an idea to stuff zucchini flowers with something very tasty. It’s very “French” in aroma and flavour – naturally salty (none added), with the artichoke giving the product a creamier texture than a typical tapenade.

Ingredients: Green Olive, Artichoke, Oregano, Sun-dried Tomato, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cracked Pepper


IMG_5009 Newest 2010 salsa verde Aug. 2010 for webSalsa Verde

Mash the salsa with avocado and serve with chips… we recommend Que Pasa or Xotchil brand – the one with the authentic Mexican taste!

Not a lot of North Americans have the opportunity to try this Mexican favourite.

A creation of Tomatillos (small green tomatoes), cilantro, onion, lime and jalapeños, this is the perfect mix of ingredients to make the best guacamole you have ever had.

Ingredient List: Tomatillo, Onion, Cilantro, Jalapeño Pepper, Lime, Coarse Sea Salt





􀀴􀁈􀁉􀁓􀀀􀁉􀁓􀀀􀀬􀁁􀀀􀀮􀁁􀁔􀁕􀁒􀁁􀀇􀁓􀀀􀁬􀁒􀁓􀁔􀀀􀁐􀁒􀁏􀁄􀁕􀁃􀁔􀀎􀀀􀀴􀁈􀁉􀁓􀀀􀁂􀁌􀁁􀁃􀁋􀀀􀁏􀁌􀁉􀁖􀁅􀀀􀁔􀁁􀁐􀁅􀁎􀁁􀁄􀁅􀀀􀁅􀁍􀁂􀁏􀁄􀁉􀁅􀁓􀀀􀁂􀁏􀁔􀁈􀀀􀀧Nathan’s Hot Mango Salsa 

Serve with Tortilla Chips and cold Mexican beer (like Negra Modelo or Dos Equis Amber).

Inspired by the mind of eight-year old family friend, Nathan, this hot salsa combines the heat of Scotch Bonnet and Habañero peppers with the sweetness of Mango added to a Salsa Verde base to create a modern classic!

􀀩􀁎􀁓􀁐􀁉􀁒􀁅􀁄􀀀􀁂􀁙􀀀􀁔􀁈􀁅􀀀􀁍􀁉􀁎􀁄􀀀􀁏􀁆􀀀􀁅􀁉􀁇􀁈􀁔􀀍􀁙􀁅􀁁􀁒􀀍􀁏􀁌􀁄􀀀􀁆􀁁􀁍􀁉􀁌􀁙􀀀􀁆􀁒􀁉􀁅􀁎􀁄􀀌􀀀􀀮􀁁􀁔􀁈􀁁􀁎􀀌􀀀􀁔􀁈􀁉􀁓􀀀􀁈􀁏􀁔􀀀􀁓􀁁􀁌􀁓􀁁􀀀􀁃􀁏􀁍􀁂􀁉􀁎􀁅􀁓􀀀􀁔􀁈􀁅􀀀Ingredient List: Tomatillo, Mango, Onion, Cilantro, Lime, Scotch Bonnet/Habañero peppers, Coarse Sea Salt

􀀩􀁎􀁓􀁐􀁉􀁒􀁅􀁄􀀀􀁂􀁙􀀀􀁔􀁈􀁅􀀀􀁍􀁉􀁎􀁄􀀀􀁏􀁆􀀀􀁅􀁉􀁇􀁈􀁔􀀍􀁙􀁅􀁁􀁒􀀍􀁏􀁌􀁄􀀀􀁆􀁁􀁍􀁉􀁌􀁙􀀀􀁆􀁒􀁉􀁅􀁎􀁄􀀌􀀀􀀮􀁁􀁔􀁈􀁁􀁎􀀌􀀀􀁔􀁈􀁉􀁓􀀀􀁈􀁏􀁔􀀀􀁓􀁁􀁌􀁓􀁁􀀀􀁃􀁏􀁍􀁂􀁉􀁎􀁅􀁓􀀀IMG_5015 Newest Aug. 2010 Spinach aritchoke for web


Jen’s Pesto 

This pesto is multi-use… Serve with bread, on pizza, crackers or with pasta – pairs well with Pinot Grigio

When our first Sales Manager Jen Hills pressed me to work on a new product together, we huddled in a downtown coffee shop and threw some ingredient ideas on the table.

Later, we went to a local market to pick up ingredients and got to work. After a few hours of working out the quantities, we scheduled a party so that our customers and friend could try four different versions of the product; they unanimously chose the simplest version of the recipe that had no salt added!

Ingredients: Spinach, Artichoke, Sun-dried Tomato, Basil, Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cracked Black Pepper

IMG_4994 Newest August 2010 eggplant for web



Mamma Rita’s Eggplant Antipasto

Serve with cured cheeses on bread – goes great with Chianti. A very special antipasto – for co-founder Joe Lombardi, it is a house-hold staple – concocted by his mum Rita.

After a few attempts to re-create the original roasted egg-plant recipe in bite-sized pieces (we cannot tell you how we did it) we have created a home-made classic for the masses.

Ingredient List: Roasted Eggplant, Mint, Garlic, Jalapeño Pepper, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Coarse Sea Salt, Cracked Black Pepper